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Best Winter Hats at Tontojacks

There are a number of considerations when it comes to buying a cold weather or winter hat..

1.  The Climate. 

Having lived and worked in the arctic circle it was very easy to find a suitable hat.  No need to worry about being waterproof - just insulated to keep out the cold.

Whereas in the UK where one day it is cold and the next pouring with rain then you may want to consider a waterproof hat.

2.  Materials.

Some materials for winter cold weather hats are natual and have natural thermal qualities such as wool.  Some winter hats will not be completely made of wool but will have a wool content that can still make a remarkable difference to the insulating properties.  Manufactured Polyester type materials can easily be made waterproof or to act in the same way as natural fur would act as a very good insulator.  Cotton is also versatlie as it can be a breathablke canvas type construction or waxed to give the winter hat waterproof properties.

3.  Function.

Function ties in with both of the above.  Do you want a waterproof hat?  thermal insulating hat? windproof, breathable or a combination?

With function also comes style, not style as in how stylish but the shapoe and design of your winter hat.  Russian cossack trapper or as they may be know bomber style hats have ear flaps and some even forehead flaps to keep out the cold.  A good quality thermally lined insualted beanie hat, or double layered beanie hat may also do this job covering the ears but with a little less cover.

Waxed waterproof bush or boonie style hats can shift the water away from your body with a brim, which waxed peaked baseball type hats do a similar job in a more compact manner.

4.  Price. 

There is no need to pay the earth for a good quality winter cold weather hat.  If you buy a well known branded product then you may get the quality but will also pay a premium.  There are many unbranded or perceivably less prestigious brands using the same materials and technology which in the end produce a winter hat well up to the job.

Just one further point to consider.  Having spent time in the Arctic circle and the antactic one has to consider what you are doing whilst wearing your hat.  If you are standing stationary then you may need a lot more insulation such as fake or faux fur to keep you warm.  We have often had quotedvto us that some russian cossack trapper or bomber style hats are not hugely thick.  We are always quick to point out that if you are moving about and generating heat then there is a balance to be found in the amount of insulating material required in your warm winter cold weather hat.

1.  Tontojacks Waterproof Mountain Cap.

This waterproof winter hat / cap has bee a staple of tontojacks for a number of years.  Thermally lined with drop down ear flaps.  Waterproof polyester which is breathable and windproof.  A peak to keep the rain off your face and a toggle drawstring cord to keep it in place in windy weather.  One of our all time best selling winter hats.

We have sold this hat to sailers, hikers, fishermen and workers alike.  So a proven fishing hunting or hiking waterproof winter hat / cap.

2.  Russian Cossack Trapper Style Hats. 

These are ideal for more extreme cold conditions.   With faux / fake fur lined ear flaps and thermal insualtion they are sure to keep you warm under the worst weather.  Ear flaps can be tied or folded up should it prove not to be too cold.  They sare generally not waterproof as they are designed for cold not wet although there are exceptions.  As stated previously if you are working or moving around you do not need to buy a hugely thick style as this will simply cause overheating.  Check out our range of cold weather winter russian style cossack trapper bomber style hats.

 3.  Waterproof waxed bush / boonie hat.

The Waterproof waxed boonie or bush hat sometimes referrred to as a bucket hat is great for wet but more temperate climate conditions, ie - not too cold.  These waterproof waxed hats can be easily reproofed / waterproofed when they have been well used, the wide brim keeps the water away from you with run off.  Thet are usually lightly insulated but due to their lightweight construction can be easily folded away.  Take a look at our waterproof wax bush, boonie bucket wide brimmed hats on tontojacks website.

The waxed bush or boonie hat is ideal for gardeners, hikers or fishing and hunting.

4.  Thermal insulated Beanie hat.

This type of winter beanie hat is usually enough for most users in the cold winter weather.  Thermally insulated with a knitted outer design and many made from polyester or a polyester / wool mix.  They can cover the ears, keep out a good wind and some even have a waterproof centre layer.  Very breathable and in many colours and styles.  If the 'Thinsulate' thermally lined ones prove to be too warm go for a simple 2 layer design which is usually more than enough for most users.

 5.  The Waxed Cap.

The Wax or waxed waterproof baseball cap is perfect for a more mild but wet winter.  With a peak to keep the water off your face, ear flaps to further keep the water or wind out and a toggle drawstring to keep it secure they are ideal for fishing, hiking, hunting and other uses.

 6.  Bobble Beanies!

For those who like a bit of style in a winter beanie / beany hat then with very similar properties to the previous beanie hat shown check out of winter beanie bobble hats!


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