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History of The Messenger Bag

Early Origins The Messenger Bag or a version thereof can be traced back to the Pony Express in the mid to late 1800s in the USA.  Although different in style to todays Messenger Bags they were made of leather and used for carrying letters or ducuments.  Able to be lifted of the pony these leather messenger bags had 4 small pouches for documents. However earlier exploration of Messenger Bag types reveals for example a script bag from a Knight in 1244 jerusalem. A 1645 New Model Army leather satchel / messenger bag. And a 1916 Haversack / Messenger bag from...

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Best Winter Hats at Tontojacks

There are a number of considerations when it comes to buying a cold weather or winter hat.. 1.  The Climate.  Having lived and worked in the arctic circle it was very easy to find a suitable hat.  No need to worry about being waterproof - just insulated to keep out the cold. Whereas in the UK where one day it is cold and the next pouring with rain then you may want to consider a waterproof hat. 2.  Materials. Some materials for winter cold weather hats are natual and have natural thermal qualities such as wool.  Some winter hats will...

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Best School Bag Backpacks - Top 5 Picks at Tontojacks

Best School Bag Backpacks - Top 5 Picks at Tontojacks There are a number of criteria to consider when looking to replace or purchase a new school backpack.  Tontojacks has years of experience in selling backpacks ranging from school bag backpacks, military backpacks, ski packs, and large gap year / travel backpacks.  Having used these products for my own children, skiing in the arctic or travelling around the deserts of Oman we would like to share our best buying tips with you. 1.  Price. 2.  Quality 3.  Size 4.  Function 5   Materials 6   Tontojacks top 5 picks Price:  Generally speaking...

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Waterproof Breathable Winter Fleece lined Cap Hat

Tontojacks have been selling this Waterproof Breathable winter hat for many years to biuyers in all parts of the world.  We will never forget a firefighter in the Virginia mountains heaping praise on this hat for its warmth and comfort.  This waterproof Winter Mountain Hat is ideal for Hiking, Fishing, Sailing and walking.  With a peak cap to keep the sun and rain out, fleece lined ear flaps which can be folded up or down and a toggle and elasticated drawstring to resist the wind it is sure to please. Check out this waterproof winter Hiking walking fishing sailing cap...

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O-Range Messenger Shoulder Bags & Briefcase

We have just received a new batch of Messenger Bags and briefcase from O-Range. These o-Range Messenger Shoulder Bags are laptop computer compatible and great for the office, work, student, college or business  The Messenger Bags and briefcase have an RRP of £74.99, now on offer at only £39.99. Take a look on our website or come in to our store, Tontojacks bag shop for a loser look at Faraday Mill Plymouth  

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